‘I cannot recommend Shaun enough’ – Catherine Egan, CEO, Beauty on Rose

Shaun Siragusa – one who well and truly deserves to be recognised as “world” class when it comes to organising and coordinating any type of finance that you may require.

I have used Shaun for restructuring a complicated business model and allowing me to take the next step in our business expansion, equipment purchase and now for my children buying their first home.

My story is becoming more common as lenders tighten their belts and clamp down on lending; and with the constant changeover of business bankers it is a nightmare to create a relationship with the Banks. As my daughter and I decided to expand our business and move to a new location, I tried with the Big Four to put my case forward on my own, to only have doors shut in my face. I had verbal promises from the bank, and on this basis I signed a contract for a new fitout (only a couple of million dollars), only to then find our bank manager was gone. The bank eventually replaced the business banker but the changeover was a nightmare which delayed the project for 3 months costing us thousands of dollars every day.

Unfortunately for us it wasn’t handled in the most appropriate way and we ended with a new premises of 1200sqm and no finance to build the business we wanted. We could have built a smaller, lesser quality business but what would be the point of that! Building for the sake of building…..

Then we called Shaun in. He may not wear a red cape or is underpants over his trousers but he was certainly a super hero for us and rescued what was destined to be a nightmare of a situation. With his hard work, diligence and easy to understand terminology we were able to salvage the situation and are now in our new building and back to kicking goals.

Our transition from signing our builders contract and mortgage contracts was seamless. With their plethora of financial institutions at their disposal, it was easy to compare and contrast loans from the various banks both big and small. Shaun understood what we needed and was able to help select a loan that was right for us. He listened to what we were looking for and worked through various scenarios to accommodate our requirements. He not only made it sound easy to do (in this complex world) but actually made it happen so quickly.

The continual follow ups and updates from Shaun and his team provided throughout the entire process, not to mention the best rates and deals has cemented me as a customer for life. I firmly believe that without him we would have lost everything . I cannot recommend Shaun enough and will not make the mistake of dealing with a bank again without him.